About Plezzana SheepAbout Plezzana Sheep

Plezzana sheep (also known as Bovska sheep in Slovenia) descend from Zaupel sheep, which were spread all over Europe during the middle ages. They are medium-small sheep (males: 64 cm, females: 60 cm, at the withers). They are multi-purpose sheep. The milk is used for cheese production. The mixed wool is used for the production of loden, felt, and tweed. They are medium framed, thin-legged and finely boned sheep. They have a narrow head and a straight nose profile. They are mostly white, although black-brown and pied animals do occur. Rams are polled. Plezzana sheep are hardy and modest. The meat is tasty and fine-fibred. Milking performance is good. The mixed wool is suitable for many purposes.

Contenta nd photo source: Agraria.org.