Schnalserschaf Sheep

About Schnalserschaf SheepAbout Schnalserschaf Sheep

Schnalserschaf (also known asUltnerschaf , Val Senales, or Schnalserschaf) sheep are from the province of Bolzano, northern Italy. They are an Alpine meat breed. About 80 percent are white, 15 percent black, and 5 percent are brown. Both genders are polled.They are raised for meat and wool.

They are derived from local sheep (Steinschaf or Roccia) crossed with Bergamo, and are similar in appearance to the latter, Italy's largest breed. They are stall-fed in the valley during the winter. From late May to late September the holdings are combined into bands of 300 - 500 head and taken to graze in alpine pastures above 2 500 m elevation.

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