About Villnosser SheepAbout Villnosser Sheep

Villnosser sheep (also known as Karntner Brillenschaf, Jesersko- Solcavska, or Brillenschaf) were developed in the 18th century, from crossbreeding Carinthian Landrace, Bergamask, and Paduan silk sheep. In Southern Carinthia, the Friaul, and in Slovenia, Villnosser sheep were very common.

Villnosser sheep are a strong and medium-sized sheep with a roman and a bare head with lop ears of medium length. They have black spots around the eyes (glasses) contributed to the German name of the sheep ( Brillensheep). Pigments may, however, also occur at their ears and sometimes on their body or lips. Their meat is especially aromatic. Villnosser sheep are especially characterised by out-of-season oestrus behaviour, hard hooves, and fine wool.

Content and photo source: agraria.org.