German Mutton Merino Sheep

About German Mutton Merino SheepAbout German Mutton Merino Sheep

German Mutton Merino are well suited for intense production inrnarid or in agricultural areas. They are highly resistant and easily adapts tornany climate and keeping conditions. They grow easily with a good meat yield.rnNon- seasonal breeding cycle (3 breedings in 2 years), high fecundity, and goodrnmothering instincts make the Merinofleischschaf a good choice for intensernmilk-lamb production.

rnrnrnrnThere are three German Merino breeds: Merinolandschaf (Merinornlandsheep), Merinofleischschaf (Merino mutton sheep), and Merinolangwollschafrn(Merino longwool sheep). Although all three breeds produce Merino wool and arernsimilar in meat yield, they went through a different historical andrngenealogical development. The Merinofleischschaf is at home east of the Elbernriver, spreading all the way to the Ural Mountains.