Shetland-Cheviot Sheep

About Shetland-Cheviot SheepAbout Shetland-Cheviot Sheep

Shetland-Cheviot sheep are the result of a North Country Cheviot ram bred with a Shetland ewe. The hybrid vigor produced from the crossing the two pure breeds ensures that the Shetland-Cheviot retains the features of both. They are hardy, thrifty, and milky with their sire's excellent conformation.   

Following the realization that a small ewe crossed with a large, fast growing sire could produce prime lamb very efficiently, producers outside Shetland turned to the breed, which has spread into the Orkneys, Caithness, and down through Scotland. The Shetland-Cheviot's main purpose is to produce quality lamb when put to a suitable ram, usually a terminal sire.