Swiss Black-Brown Mountain Sheep

About Swiss Black-Brown Mountain SheepAbout Swiss Black-Brown Mountain Sheep

Swiss Black-Brown Mountain sheep originate from the ancientrnSwiss Jura, Simmentaler, Saanen, Frutiger, Roux de Bagnes,and Freiburger sheep.rnThey are polled, medium-sized sheep. Their coat is either black, chestnutrncolored, or light brown. Their heads and legs are clear of wool, covered withrnshort black or brown hairs. Their fleece is of single-color, thick, andrnclose-cropped.rnrn 

rnrnDue to their Merino ancestry, their wool is fine and strongrnand is remarkable for its strength and elasticity. No kemp or white fibers arernallowed. The ewes lamb quite often twice a year and have 1.7 lambs on average,rnthus making them an ideal mother race for crossings with meat producing rams.rnSwiss Black-Brown Mountain lambs, both purebred and crossbred, kill outrnsignificantly better than the Tyrol Mountain. Their bone is light, with arncommendable meat to bone ratio.