About Tyrol Mountain SheepAbout Tyrol Mountain Sheep

Tyrol Mountain Sheep, indigenous to the Tyrol region of Austria and Bolzano in Italy, represent a robust breed within the Lop-eared Alpine group, primarily raised for meat production. These hardy sheep boast coarse wool, distinguishing them from their counterparts in the region.

Compared to Carinthian sheep, Tyrol Mountain sheep exhibit superior wool quality, showcasing a distinct white face and longer ears. While predominantly found in white, they may also display pied or black coloring variations. Notably, both males and females of this breed are naturally polled, devoid of horns.

The Tyrol Mountain sheep breed has evolved from a combination of the Bergamasca, Steinschaf, and Spiegel varieties of Carinthian sheep, contributing to its unique characteristics and adaptability to the mountainous terrain of the Tyrol region and beyond.