Bellary Sheep

About Bellary SheepAbout Bellary Sheep

Bellary are medium-sized sheep native to the districts of Bellary and Davanagere and the adjoining areas of Haveri and Chitradurga districts of Karnataka, India.

They are medium-sized with body colors ranging from white through various combinations of white and black to black. Most rams have horns, though ewes are generally polled. Their ears are medium long, flat and drooping, their tail is short and thin, their fleece is extremely coarse, hairy, and open and their belly and legs are devoid of wool.

In farmers flocks lambing percentage is 80 - 85% and the litter size is generally single. Breeding is mostly pure. Rams are selected on the basis of size. They are primarily maintained for meat. The ewes are milked for home consumption. They are shorn twice a year in June and December/January. Their average annual fleece weight is 600 gms with an average fiber diameter and density of 59 micons and 350 cm respectively, and a modulation percentage of 43.