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Photo: Coral Dillon <a href=http://www.livestockofamerica.com/Ranches/ranchhome.asp?Peopleid=519 class = body target = _blank>Alpacas de La Mancha</a>
Photo: Coral Dillon Alpacas de La Mancha

Suri alpacas have unique fiber characteristics that distinguish the Suri from the rest of the camelid family. Unlike the soft fuzzy look of the Huacaya alpaca, the Suri's long, separate, distinctive locks are comprised of twisted or flat fibers that drape down the sides of the Suri's body. The Suri's fiber has a cool, slick handle or feel, can be as soft as cashmere, warmer than wool, with the luster of silk. Suris comprise about 15% of the US alpaca population.

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