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Photo Source: Wikipedia.org
Photo Source: Wikipedia.org
The Persian fallow deer, so gentle and fair,
With a coat of rich brown and mane like a bear.
In the fields of Iran, it roams free and wild,
A symbol of beauty, so rare and so mild.

With antlers so grand, and eyes like the stars,
It dances and prances, so graceful by far.
A herbivore gentle, it feeds on the grass,
And rests in the shade, as the day doth pass.

Once thought to be gone, a memory of the past,
This deer of great wonder, has come back at last.
Thanks to the efforts of those who care,
Its future is brighter, no longer a scare.

So here's to the Persian fallow deer,
A creature so rare, that we hold it so dear
. May it roam the fields, forever so free,
A symbol of grace, for all eyes to see.