About Bisaro PigsAbout Bisaro Pigs

Bisaro pigs, a cherished heritage breed originating from Portugal, boast a captivating range of colors, spanning from a deep, velvety black to a delicate, almost ethereal pink hue, with some individuals showcasing enchanting variations in between. Their distinctive convex dorsal line lends them an elegant and robust appearance, adding to their allure.

Mature Bisaro pigs typically reach heights of up to 95 centimeters, standing proudly as symbols of their heritage. Despite their imposing stature, they maintain a harmonious balance, weighing approximately 87 kilograms at maturity. This blend of strength and grace makes them a prized addition to traditional Portuguese agriculture.

Intriguingly, the historical roots of the Bisaro pigs trace back to the meticulous classification efforts of J.F. Macedo Pinto during the nineteenth century. Pinto, in his scholarly pursuits, identified the Bisaro as a unique variation, classified under the esteemed Bizaro Type 1, also known as Celtic pigs. Drawing inspiration from the ancient Celtic heritage, he postulated that these pigs might share ancestry with the renowned Celtic pigs of Gaul, further enriching their historical tapestry.