About Finnish Landrace PigsAbout Finnish Landrace Pigs

Finnish Landrace pigs are found in abundance in the northern parts of Europe, particularly in Finland. They have the same origin as the other Landrace pig breeds of Europe. The Finnish Landrace pig breeds were developed by means of crossings with the improved indigenous stock that were brought from other countries. They average 6 to 10 baby piglets in a litter and will have two to three litters per year.

Finnish Landrace pigs have a white body color and the weighty, drooping ears, like other landrace pigs; however, Finnish Landrace pigs are extremely tidy. Because of this, they have been imported as seed stock to other countries. Finnish Landrace pigs make sure their bathroom area is far away from where they eat and rest, even piglets (baby pigs) will find a place to go to the bathroom far away from their nest.