About French Landrace PigsAbout French Landrace Pigs

Landrace pigs made their initial appearance in France circa 1930; however, it wasn't until the post-World War II era that they experienced widespread importation into the country, primarily from Sweden.

The contemporary French variant of Landrace pigs is notably large and distinguished by their white coat and prominent heavy drooping ears. Through selective breeding, they have been refined to emphasize skeletal robustness, substantial muscling, excellent maternal instincts, and prolific breeding capabilities. Sows of this breed boast an impressive average of 19.7 piglets per year, showcasing their remarkable fertility.

Notably, these pigs exhibit bulging hams and wide, level rumps with highly developed muscular loins, contributing to their reputation for yielding premium-quality pork products. Their robust build and exceptional maternal qualities make them a preferred choice among French pig farmers seeking reliable performance and superior meat production.