About Jeju Black PigsAbout Jeju Black Pigs

Jeju Black Pigs are small black pigs found on Koreans largest island, Jeju-do. They have a smooth coat of hair and erect unfolded, ears and a narrow snout.

Jeju Black Pigs have a have a unique taste quite distinct from other breeds of pig and forms the basis of some well-known local dishes. The pork is smoked over burning hay allowing the smoke to penetrate the meat juices resulting in a flavor quite unlike regular pork and a meat that is somewhat chewier.

Until quite recently, Jeju Black Pigs were kept in order to dispose of human waste. They were housed in sties built below outside latrines where their food was directly delivered. This practice was still current in the 1960s but has now given way to more conventional feeding. Some commentators are adamant that this change has adversely affected the taste.