About Jinhua PigsAbout Jinhua Pigs

Jinhua Pigs are from the Zhejiang Province in China.The have a white body, with black at the head and rump. This leads to the common name of two-end-black. Their back and loins are slightly curved. They have thin skin, fine bones, and tender meat.

Jinhua belong to a type of swine found in central China, the region between the Changjiang and Zhujiang rivers where the climate is temperate (or warm) and moist. Agriculture in this region is highly developed and the main crop is paddy rice. The area is rich in feed and especially abundant in green and water plants which are used as pig feeds. Pigs in this region are generally penned and well managed.

Jinhua pigs mature early and may be mated as early as 3 to 4 months old. They are fairly prolific with an average litter size of 13 and seven pairs of teats.

After special processing, Jinhua ham is considered to have a unique and delicious flavor.