About Kakhetian PigsAbout Kakhetian Pigs

Originating from Kakheti, the picturesque eastern province of Georgia, Kakhetian Pigs stand as proud representatives of European swine breeds, revered for their unique characteristics and vital contributions to local husbandry traditions.

With their medium-size long heads, well-developed moving snouts, and short standing ears, Kakhetian Pigs present a striking silhouette against the backdrop of Kakheti's rolling hills and verdant landscapes. Their flat, narrow, and short bodies, complemented by a convex back and tall, robust legs, epitomize the rugged resilience necessary for thriving in the region's diverse terrains.

Embodying the essence of traditional Georgian agriculture, Kakhetian Pigs boast indrawn and short stomachs, underscoring their adaptation to local foraging practices and resource-efficient feeding habits. Their underdeveloped udders and a generous number of nipples, typically numbering between 10 to 12, reflect their maternal instincts and capacity for nurturing offspring in the region's pastoral settings.

As stewards of Kakheti's rich agricultural heritage, Kakhetian Pigs serve as indispensable partners to local farmers, contributing to the region's sustainable livestock management practices and preserving time-honored husbandry traditions. Their resilience, adaptability, and distinct physical characteristics paint a vivid portrait of their significance within the intricate tapestry of Georgian rural life, ensuring their enduring legacy for generations to come.