About Kemerovo PigsAbout Kemerovo Pigs

Kemerovo Pigs are a general-purpose pig breed from the Kemerovo region of Russia. They were developed by the crossbreeding of local late-ripening pigs with large white, white long-eared, Berkshire, Great Black and Siberian northern breeds. In 1960 they were approved as an independent breed. The result is a pig with good adaptability to cold temperatures, high rates of early maturity, and large liters. The Kemerovo breed is divided into two types - meat and general purpose.  

Kemerovo pigs are characterized by a strong constitution and correct physique. They are predominantly black but sometimes black and white. They have a good layer of dense bristles and are well adapted to harsh climatic conditions.

Today, Kemerovo pigs of both types are bred mainly in Siberia, the Far East, and in the northern regions of Kazakhstan. They are used for industrial crossing with large white, Siberian northern, landrace, and some other breeds of pigs.