About Krskopolje PigsAbout Krskopolje Pigs

Krskopolje Pigs, affectionately known as Blackbelted pigs, hail from the picturesque Carniola and Styria regions of Slovenia, where they have long been cherished for their unique appearance and robust characteristics.

These distinctive pigs are easily recognizable by their striking black hindquarters adorned with a broad white stripe encircling their bodies like a belt. Their medium-length, flat heads are complemented by large, drooping ears, adding to their distinctive charm.

Krskopolje Pigs are celebrated for their commendable fertility, hearty appetite, and impressive growth potential. Upon reaching maturity, these pigs boast a substantial adult weight ranging between 250 and 300 kilograms, reflecting their robust build and stature.

With their captivating appearance and admirable traits, Krskopolje Pigs continue to hold a special place in the hearts of farmers and enthusiasts in Slovenia, embodying the rich heritage and agricultural traditions of the region.