About Leicoma PigsAbout Leicoma Pigs

Photo Source : www.BuzzFeed.com
Photo Source : www.BuzzFeed.com
Leicoma pigs, an endangered breed hailing from East Germany, are characterized by their robust build, large frame, and distinctive hanging ears. Despite facing near-extinction, efforts by organizations like the IBV (Information and Coordination Centre for Biological Diversity) have led to a resurgence in breeding initiatives, with the breeding stock rising to 83 sows and 21 boars by 2019.
Renowned for their exceptional meat quality, Leicoma pigs owe this trait to their genetic heritage, particularly influenced by the Duroc pig. Their robustness, coupled with pronounced motherliness and high milk yield, makes them invaluable assets for sustainable pig farming practices. Moreover, they exhibit high fattening performance, contributing to their overall appeal among breeders.
Historically bred in the fertile regions of East-Central Germany, Leicoma pigs faced a decline in numbers due to changing economic landscapes and the prevalence of highly fertile hybrid sows. However, initiatives to rediscover and promote their unique advantages have led to a revitalization of breeding efforts and an increase in their population.
Despite their endangered status, Leicoma pigs continue to showcase their resilience and desirable traits, serving as a testament to the importance of preserving and promoting genetic diversity within pig breeds.