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The Middle White Pig, a quintessential breed native to the United Kingdom, traces its roots back to Yorkshire, emerging around the same period as its counterparts, the Large White and the now-extinct Small White. The name "Middle White" aptly reflects its size, positioned between the larger Large White and the smaller Small White breeds.

Formally recognized as a distinct breed in 1884, the Middle White Pig has established itself as a notable pork producer, distinguished for its proficiency in yielding pork rather than bacon or lard, in contrast to other swine breeds. One of its defining physical attributes is its sharply upturned snub nose, contributing to its distinctive appearance.

Known for their docile temperament, Middle White Pigs are often raised in outdoor grazing environments, thriving in such settings. Despite experiencing a modest rebound in population, the breed is currently classified as endangered, underscoring the importance of conservation efforts to safeguard its genetic diversity and heritage for future generations

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