About Minzhu PigsAbout Minzhu Pigs

Minzhu pigs, or Ming, Min, or Da Min, pigs come from far northern China. Minzhu means folk pig.

They can be found in the Middle Temperate Belt, to the north of the Huaihe River Basin and the Qinling Mountains. The cold and dry climate of this region makes the Minzhu very tolerant to cold temperatures and harsh feeding conditions. They are also known as the Ming, Min, or Da Min. Minzhu is said to mean folk pig.

Minzhu pigs are small pigs with very long black hair. This hair has coarse, long bristles and a dense woolen undercoat in the winter. This hair allows sows to farrow in an open shed at 4 degrees C with issues.

Minzhu pigs are a prolific breed, though not as prolific as the other breeds imported. They were introduced into the United States under a cooperative effort of the USDA, the University of Illinois, and Iowa State University. This effort also imported Fengjing and Meishan pigs from China on July 27, 1989.