About Moara PigsAbout Moara Pigs

The Moara Pig, also recognized by names such as Estrela, Estrelense, Mouro, and Pereira Pig, hails from the regions of Duroc, Canastra, and Canastrao in southern Brazil. Sporting a distinctive blue roan coat, although occasionally displaying a red roan hue, these pigs boast a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Renowned for their resilience and durability, Moara Pigs are esteemed for their toughness and strength. They exhibit a remarkable ability to adapt to various environmental conditions, demonstrating a remarkable capacity to thrive amidst changing landscapes. Despite their reputation for stubbornness, Moara Pigs are highly manageable, making them well-suited for small households in southern Brazil.

One of the notable qualities of Moara Pigs is their ability to thrive on minimal food intake while maintaining robust health. Their inherent resistance to diseases further enhances their suitability for small-scale farming operations in the region. These attributes collectively contribute to the enduring popularity and practicality of Moara Pigs among local breeders and farmers in southern Brazil.