About Mulefoot PigsAbout Mulefoot Pigs

The Mulefoot pig, a rare and robust American swine breed, stands out for its hardiness and adaptability. Typically donning a sleek black coat, although occasionally featuring white markings, these pigs boast an average weight range of 400 to 600 pounds (180 to 270 kg). Males tend to tip the scales at around 550 pounds (250 kg), while females weigh in at approximately 450 pounds (200 kg).

Thriving in pasture-based environments rather than confined feed lots, Mulefoot pigs have retained their instinctual ability to forage for food, making them well-suited for free-range farming practices. Renowned for their maternal instincts, Mulefoot sows are esteemed for their nurturing care, consistently producing litters that average 5 to 6 piglets. This combination of hardiness, adaptability, and strong maternal traits underscores the value of the Mulefoot pig breed in sustainable and pasture-based farming systems.

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