About Murom PigsAbout Murom Pigs

Murom Pigs are a meat and lard breed of hogs developed in 1957 in Murom Raion, Vladimir Oblast by selection of a domestic breed.

Murom Pigs are large, sturdy, and well built. Mature boars weigh 250 - 280 kg; sows weigh 200 - 220 kg. A litter consists of ten or 11 shoats; the sow’s milk production is 60 - 70 kg. When fattened for meat, a pig at six or seven months of age will weigh 90 - 100 kg and produce high-quality bacon on the basis of 4 - 4.5 feed units per kg of weight gain.

Murom Pigs are used for commercial cross-breeding with Large Whites and other breeds.