About Ningxiang PigsAbout Ningxiang Pigs

Ningxiang Pigs, originating from the Hunan Province of China nestled within the Central Subtropic belt, are renowned as lard pigs with distinctive features. These pigs are typically nurtured and fed by hand throughout the year, reflecting the meticulous care they receive from their handlers.

Their striking appearance is marked by a unique hair coat color pattern, often likened to "black clouds overhanging snows" with a distinguished silver ring encircling the neck. Their physique is characterized by a slightly concave back and a pouched, pendulous belly, contributing to their distinctive appearance. Notably, Ningxiang Pigs boast a substantial layer of back fat, measuring approximately 4 cm in thickness.

In terms of reproduction, Ningxiang Pigs exhibit noteworthy fertility, with an average litter size of 11.5 piglets per birth. Additionally, they are equipped with 7 pairs of teats, facilitating efficient nursing and care of their offspring.

Due to their unique characteristics and importance within their native region, Ningxiang Pigs hold a significant place in the cultural and agricultural landscape of the Hunan Province, embodying the heritage and traditions of the local community.