About Small White PigsAbout Small White Pigs

The Small White, also known as Small Yorkshire, Pigs, were a notable breed originating in the United Kingdom, prominent during the nineteenth century. This breed, although now extinct, played a significant role in the development of modern swine breeds, including the Middle White and others, by contributing its distinctive characteristics.

These pigs were renowned for their compact size and robust build, making them well-suited for various agricultural purposes prevalent during their time. With their white coats and distinctive features, they were prized for their versatility and adaptability to different farming environments.

During the peak of their existence, Small White Pigs were a common sight across farms in the United Kingdom, where they played crucial roles in the agricultural landscape. Their contribution to the swine industry extended beyond their physical presence, as their genetic traits and desirable characteristics influenced the breeding programs of subsequent generations of swine.

Although no longer present in today's swine populations, the legacy of the Small White Pigs lives on through the continued utilization of their traits in the breeding and development of modern pig breeds. Their impact on the swine industry underscores the importance of preserving and recognizing the historical significance of heritage breeds in agricultural heritage.