About Swedish Landrace PigsAbout Swedish Landrace Pigs

Swedish Landrace Pigs stand as the foremost breed of pig in Sweden, boasting distinctive heavy drooping ears and a pristine white coat. Originating from importations primarily from neighboring Denmark, the Swedish strain of the Landrace pig has flourished and adapted to its Scandinavian habitat.

These pigs are recognized for their robust build and adaptable nature, making them well-suited to various farming systems and environmental conditions prevalent in Sweden. Their heavy drooping ears serve practical purposes, aiding in their ability to forage efficiently and navigate their surroundings.

The Swedish Landrace Pig's reputation extends beyond its native country, with its genetic influence and characteristics contributing to the development of swine breeds worldwide. With their resilience and adaptability, Swedish Landrace Pigs continue to play a vital role in the agricultural landscape of Sweden and beyond.