About Tamworth PigsAbout Tamworth Pigs

Tamworth Pigs, also known as Irish Grazers, are revered for their distinct ginger to red-colored coats and hail from the Tamworth region in the UK, as well as from Ireland. As one of the oldest pig breeds, they boast a rich heritage that dates back centuries. However, despite their historical significance, Tamworth Pigs face challenges in adapting to modern production methods commonly employed in the livestock industry.

Characterized by their vibrant hues and unique traits, Tamworth Pigs have earned a special place in agricultural history. Regrettably, their traditional characteristics and breeding practices have rendered them less compatible with contemporary agricultural practices, leading to a decline in their numbers. Presently, there are fewer than 300 registered breeding females, marking them as a threatened breed.

Despite their dwindling numbers, Tamworth Pigs continue to hold a place of importance in the realm of heritage breeds, serving as a living link to the agricultural practices of bygone eras. Efforts to preserve and protect this cherished breed are essential to safeguarding their legacy for future generations.

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