About Thuoc Nhieu PigsAbout Thuoc Nhieu Pigs

The Thuoc Nhieu Pig, a breed with origins rooted in the crossbreeding of Bo Xu and Yorkshire Pigs spanning the period from 1930 to 1957, boasts a distinct appearance characterized by its white coat adorned with piebald bristles.

These pigs have carved out a dominant presence in the sweet-water zones of the Mekong River delta in the southern region of Vietnam. Exhibiting average prolificacy, Thuoc Nhieu Pigs typically give birth to 8 to 10 piglets per litter, showcasing their commendable mothering abilities.

Notably, these pigs are recognized for their efficient growth, with a live weight of 100 kilograms achievable by the age of 10 months. This combination of prolificacy, maternal instincts, and rapid growth makes the Thuoc Nhieu Pig a valuable asset in agricultural landscapes, particularly in the fertile regions of the Mekong River delta.