About Ukrainian White Steppe PigsAbout Ukrainian White Steppe Pigs

The Ukrainian White Steppe Pig, a versatile breed hailing from Ukraine, stands out for its remarkable adaptability and robustness, particularly well-suited to the arid landscapes of southern Ukraine. Notably, these pigs exhibit a high resistance to diseases, contributing to their enduring popularity among local farmers.

The breed traces its origins to the visionary efforts of M. F. Ivanov, who embarked on a breeding program between 1926 and 1934 aimed at developing a highly productive pig breed tailored to thrive in the challenging conditions of southern Ukraine. Through meticulous crossbreeding initiatives, local pigs were selectively crossed with boars sourced from the renowned Large White pig breed, resulting in the creation of the Ukrainian White Steppe Pig.

Characterized by their impressive size and sturdy build, male Ukrainian White Steppe Pigs typically weigh between 335 to 345 kilograms and measure around 180 centimeters in length. Sows, on the other hand, exhibit slightly smaller dimensions, weighing between 230 to 255 kilograms and measuring approximately 167 centimeters in length. Sows of this breed are known for their prolificacy, commonly giving birth to litters comprising 12 to 19 piglets, showcasing the breed's robust reproductive capabilities.

With their unparalleled endurance, adaptability to harsh environments, and impressive productivity, Ukrainian White Steppe Pigs continue to play a vital role in the agricultural landscape of southern Ukraine, embodying resilience and utility for local farmers.