About Welsh PigsAbout Welsh Pigs

Welsh Pigs, distinguished by their robust build and distinctive pear-shaped physique, are renowned for their resilience in extensive farming practices, particularly in the rugged landscapes of Wales.

Originating in the 1870s, Welsh Pigs quickly gained recognition as a valuable breed within the United Kingdom, ranking as the third most prevalent sire breed, following the Large White and British Landrace varieties. Despite their proven ability to yield high-quality bacon, Welsh Pigs have seen limited exportation to other countries, a fact that belies their potential as a sought-after breed in international markets.

With their enduring reputation for hardiness and their capacity to thrive in diverse farming conditions, Welsh Pigs continue to play a significant role in the agricultural landscape of Wales, embodying the resilience and adaptability characteristic of this esteemed breed.

Welsh Pigs Associations

The British Pig Association The British Pig Association - www.britishpigs.org.uk