About West French White PigsAbout West French White Pigs

The West French White Pig, affectionately known as the "white pig of the West," emerged from the vibrant fusion of local pig varieties with esteemed breeds hailing from Normandy, Craonnaise, and Flamandes in the year 1958. This deliberate amalgamation resulted in the creation of a distinctive swine breed renowned for its remarkable attributes.

Boasting a robust physique, West French White Pigs command an impressive size, with adults reaching weights of up to 430 kilograms and standing proudly at a meter high at the shoulder. Despite their slightly lower litter sizes compared to other breeds, their offspring exhibit exceptional growth potential, with newborn piglets weighing around 2 kilograms at birth and rapidly reaching an impressive 7 kilograms by the tender age of three weeks.

However, it is the delectable quality of their meat that truly sets the West French White Pig apart. Revered by connoisseurs and sought after by the esteemed charcuterie industry, their succulent flesh is a prized ingredient for a myriad of cooked meat delicacies, further elevating their culinary significance.

Today, the West French White Pig finds itself at the heart of enthusiastic development efforts in the picturesque regions of Brittany and Normandy. These endeavors reflect a commitment to nurturing and promoting this esteemed breed, ensuring its continued prosperity and enduring legacy in the rich tapestry of French agriculture and culinary tradition.