About European Wild PigsAbout European Wild Pigs

The European Wild Boar, commonly referred to as the Euro in New Zealand, is renowned for its hardy nature and resilient demeanor.

Believed to be the ancestral progenitor of all domesticated pigs, including Asian varieties, the European Wild Boar boasts a storied lineage that extends across continents.

Despite the formidable reputation of its wild counterpart, domesticated Euros exhibit gentle and amiable traits, making them suitable companions as pets.

At birth, Euro piglets sport distinctive stripes running from nose to tail, which gradually fade away between six to nine weeks of age. Their coloration spans a spectrum from yellow-sandy to red-black, adding to their visual appeal.

With long manes and a dense coat of hair, particularly during winter when they develop a woolly undercoat, Euros are well-equipped to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Renowned for their nurturing instincts, Euro sows excel as mothers, often giving birth twice a year and demonstrating exceptional care for their offspring.

Content and Photo Source: New Zealand Rare Breeds (http://www.rarebreeds.co.nz).