About Sarda PigsAbout Sarda Pigs

Sarda Pigs, originating from the picturesque island of Sardinia in Italy, epitomize the rugged charm of their homeland. Resembling their wild boar counterparts, with whom they often intermingle in the lush underbrush and scrublands where they graze, these pigs have been officially recognized as one of Italy's indigenous swine breeds since 2006.

These pigs boast a compact stature, reaching a mature weight of 70-100 kg. Their coats exhibit a striking array of colors, including black, grey, tawny, and spotted patterns, while their dense and coarse bristles form a distinctive mane along the dorsal line.

Characterized by a cone-shaped head with a straight profile, Sarda Pigs feature small ears positioned either upright or leaning to the side. Some individuals may even display jowls reminiscent of the Casertana breed, adding to their unique appearance and charm.

Content and photo source: Agraria.org.