About Africana SheepAbout Africana Sheep

Africana sheep, also recognized by various names such as Pelona, Camura, Red African, Rojo Africana, Colombian Wooless, or West African sheep, are a breed primarily found in Colombia and Venezuela. These sheep bear a striking resemblance in terms of size and confirmation to Pelibuey sheep.

Typically, Africana sheep exhibit a range of brown hues, varying from tan to brown, cherry-red, and even dark red. Their distinctive coloring adds to their visual appeal and contributes to their unique appearance within the breed.

Africana sheep are primarily raised for meat production and are classified as a hair breed, indicating their adaptation to warmer climates and their ability to thrive in environments where wool is not a significant feature. With their suitability for meat production and their ability to adapt to various environmental conditions, Africana sheep play a vital role in the agricultural landscape of Colombia and Venezuela.