About Bergamasca SheepAbout Bergamasca Sheep

Photo source: Agraria.org.
Photo source: Agraria.org.
Bergamasca sheep, also known by various names including Bergamasker, Gigante di Bergamo, and Bergamacia (in Brazil), are primarily valued for their coarse white wool and meat production.

Originating from the Lombardy region of northern Italy, Bergamasca sheep are categorized as a fundamental breed within the Lop-eared Alpine group. They are typically polled, meaning they do not have horns, and serve as the foundational breed for other Lop-eared Alpine varieties as well as for the Fabrianese breed.

Known for their robustness and adaptability to the alpine terrain of their native region, Bergamasca sheep play a significant role in the agricultural landscape of Lombardy, providing both wool and meat for various purposes.