About Kerry Hill SheepAbout Kerry Hill Sheep

Kerry Hill Sheep are renowned for their robust and well-proportioned build, exhibiting a sturdy frame and a balanced physique. They are characterized by ears that are set high on their heads, ensuring they remain free from wool and enhancing their alert appearance. A distinguishing feature of Kerry Hill Sheep is their striking black nose, along with sharply defined black and white markings adorning their head and legs.

Both ewes and rams of the Kerry Hill breed are naturally hornless, contributing to their overall sleek and streamlined appearance. These sheep are considered quite handsome, boasting a dense fleece that is exceptionally white in color. The fleece of Kerry Hill Sheep is prized for its softness and quality, making it among the finest of British wools.

In terms of dental structure, Kerry Hill Sheep exhibit regular teeth that meet the pad perfectly, without being undershot or overshot. This characteristic contributes to their efficient grazing and overall health. Additionally, Kerry Hill Sheep are known for their strong and sturdy feet, enabling them to navigate various terrains with ease.

On average, mature Kerry Hill ewes weigh between 55 to 65 kilograms, while rams typically range from 65 to 70 kilograms. These weight ranges reflect the breed's healthy and well-developed physique, making Kerry Hill Sheep a prized choice among sheep farmers and enthusiasts alike.

Kerry Hill Sheep Associations

International Dairy Goat Registry - International Fiber Breed Registry - www.idgr-ifbr.com