About Langhe SheepAbout Langhe Sheep

Photo source: Agraia.org.
Photo source: Agraia.org.
Langhe sheep, also known as Delle Langhe, are esteemed medium-large dairy sheep known for their high-quality milk production. Originally hailing from the picturesque Langhe region in the Piedmont area of Italy, they have a rich history and are highly regarded for their valuable contributions to the dairy industry.

These sheep are predominantly white in color and exhibit a robust and well-proportioned build characteristic of medium-large dairy breeds. They are prized for their ability to produce ample quantities of rich and nutritious milk, making them an important asset to dairy farmers in the regions where they are found.

Today, Langhe sheep can be found primarily in the provinces of Cuneo, Asti (both located in Piedmont), and Savona (in Liguria). They are treasured for their resilience, adaptability to various environmental conditions, and their role in sustaining local dairy farming traditions.

With their combination of size, milk production capabilities, and adaptability, Langhe sheep continue to be valued members of the agricultural landscape in the Piedmont and Liguria regions of Italy.