About Sardinian (Sarda) SheepAbout Sardinian (Sarda) Sheep

Photo source: Agraria.org.
Photo source: Agraria.org.
The Sardinian, or Sarda, sheep are native to the island of Sardinia, although they can also be found in central Italy. These sheep have adapted remarkably well to the unique environment of Sardinia, particularly thriving on the island's karst soils.

Known for their white fleece, Sardinian sheep are primarily raised for milk production. Their milk is highly valued and is a key ingredient in the production of Pecorino Sarda cheese, a renowned Italian cheese with a distinct flavor profile. It's worth noting that Pecorino Sarda cheese can only be made from sheep milk sourced from the island of Sardinia itself.

In Sardinia, the population of sheep actually surpasses that of people, underscoring the significance of sheep farming to the island's agricultural landscape and economy.