About Zulu SheepAbout Zulu Sheep

Zulu sheep are native to South Africa and are predominantly raised by rural farmers in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. They are raised primarily for meat. They belong to the Nguni type of sheep.

Zulu sheep are small, multicolored sheep that are well suited to the harsh conditions and very tolerate to diseases. In addition they can walk long distances and have good foraging ability.

Nevertheless, their existence is threatened. Their place is being taken up by less adapted exotic breeds, either by replacement or crossbreeding. This change is being driven by the perception, held by most farmers, that indigenous livestock show poorer performance compared to their exotic counterparts. This line of thinking has been receiving political backing over the years in many African countries. Thus breeding programs put in place in Africa have been geared towards improving this presumed low productive performance through crossbreeding.

Their appearance varies; they are found in multicolored shades of brown, black, and white wool or hair, and may be fat-tailed or not. Zulu rams may be polled or horned, and a they have small "mouse ears".