Epynt Hardy Speckled Sheep

About Epynt Hardy Speckled SheepAbout Epynt Hardy Speckled Sheep

Epynt Hardy Speckled Sheep are a commercial; easy-care breed with the primary purpose is to perform well in a mountainous environment year round with limited supplementary feeding. They are a long living, good mouthing sheep producing lambs which are easy to finish. They are a heavy boned hill sheep which is stocky and sturdy in stature with a speckled face and legs, of grey brown or black clean of wool. The ewes are polled and the rams usually horned. Their attributes include a strong hefting ability, excellent mothering ability and being a good breed for crossing. Average mature ewe weighs 40-50kgs, rams 60-70kgs.

Content and Photo Source: National Sheep Association