About Saltasassi SheepAbout Saltasassi Sheep

Photo source: Agraria.org
Photo source: Agraria.org
Saltasassi sheep originate from northern Italy, where they are recognized for their medium-small stature, with males typically measuring 60-65 cm and females around 55 cm at the withers. These sheep are primarily bred for meat production, making them an integral part of the agricultural landscape in the region.

Known for their white wool, Saltasassi sheep contribute to the local farming economy through their role in meat production. Despite their smaller size, they are valued for their meat quality and suitability for local husbandry practices.

Their adaptation to the northern Italian climate and terrain underscores their resilience and suitability for the region's agricultural conditions. As a medium-small breed, they offer practical advantages for farmers, particularly in terms of management and resource utilization. Overall, Saltasassi sheep play a significant role in the agricultural heritage of northern Italy and contribute to the diversity of sheep breeds in the region.