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About Canaan DogsCanaan

About Canaan Dogs

The Canaan Dog, known for its intelligence, agility, and loyalty, is a breed that originated in the Middle East. With a rich history as a herding and guard dog, it has evolved into a versatile companion known for its keen senses and strong bonds with its family.

Distinctive Appearance

Canaan Dogs have a well-balanced, medium-sized frame covered in a dense, weather-resistant coat. Their erect ears and expressive almond-shaped eyes give them an alert and intelligent expression. Coat colors range from cream to black, often with a white bib and tail tip.

Intelligent and Independent Thinkers

Renowned for their intelligence, Canaan Dogs are independent ...

Canaan  - Dogs Breeds

About Canadian Eskimo DogsCanadian Eskimo

Canadian Eskimo  - Dogs Breeds

About Canadian Pointer DogsCanadian Pointer

About Canadian Pointer Dogs

The Canadian Pointer, also known as the Old Pointing Dog, is a historic breed with roots tracing back to early European settlers in North America. Revered for its exceptional pointing abilities, this breed played a vital role in the development of modern bird dogs.

Graceful and Athletic

The Canadian Pointer boasts a graceful and athletic build. It has a lean body, well-defined muscles, and a distinctive pointer stance, where it extends one front leg forward to indicate the location of game. This elegant posture is a testament to the breed''s keen hunting instincts.

Loyal Hunting Companion

Known for its unwavering loyalty and dedication i ...

Canadian Pointer  - Dogs Breeds

About Cane Corso DogsCane Corso

Cane Corso, or just Corso, dogs comes from the ancient “canis pugnax”, the Roman Molossian. It was taken on as livestock guard and self-defense, as well as for game hunting and as fighter in war. His name “Corso” comes from the Latin “Cohors” which means “protector”. 

 Although during the centuries he has been applied for various applications, Corso dog has always stood out for his unusual feature, being able for guard and defence as well. Throughout the centuries he has kept his tough brave temperament; he is an excellent biter, although he never attacks without a valid reason. He is one of the best breed along with the Neapolitan Mastiff as a property guard. 

Content and photo source: ...

Cane Corso  - Dogs Breeds

About Cão da Serra de Aires DogsCão da Serra de Aires

About Cão da Serra de Aires Dogs

The Cão da Serra de Aires, also known as the Portuguese Sheepdog, is a charming and versatile breed hailing from Portugal. With its distinctive shaggy coat and keen intelligence, this dog has been a valuable asset to shepherds for generations.

Rugged Appearance

One of the most striking features of the Cão da Serra de Aires is its rugged appearance. Its dense, wiry coat serves as protection against the elements, allowing it to work in various terrains and weather conditions. The coat often covers the eyes, giving it an endearing, expressive look.

Herding Instincts

Bred for herding, this breed possesses strong instincts to gather and ...

Cão da Serra de Aires  - Dogs Breeds

About Cão de Castro Laboreiro DogsCão de Castro Laboreiro

About Cão de Castro Laboreiro Dogs

The Cão de Castro Laboreiro, also known as the Portuguese Cattle Dog, is a robust and loyal breed originating from the rugged mountains of Portugal. With a strong guarding instinct and unwavering devotion, this breed has been a cherished companion to Portuguese farmers and shepherds for centuries.

Sturdy and Vigilant

This breed boasts a sturdy and muscular build, reflecting its heritage as a working dog in the challenging terrain of the Laboreiro region. Its vigilant nature makes it an excellent guardian of both livestock and property. With a keen sense of awareness, the Cão de Castro Laboreiro is quick to detect any potential threats.

Loyal and ...

Cão de Castro Laboreiro  - Dogs Breeds

About Cão Fila de São Miguel DogsCão Fila de São Miguel

About Cão Fila de São Miguel Dogs

The Cão Fila de São Miguel, also known as the São Miguel Cattle Dog, is a robust and hardworking breed originating from the Azores islands of Portugal. With a strong and imposing presence, this breed has been an invaluable asset to Azorean farmers and herdsmen for generations.

Sturdy and Vigilant

This breed possesses a sturdy and muscular build, reflecting its role as a herding and guardian dog in the rugged terrain of São Miguel. Its imposing stature and keen senses make it an excellent protector of livestock and property. The Cão Fila de São Miguel is known for its steadfast vigilance.

Loyal and Reliable

Known for its unwavering ...

Cão Fila de São Miguel  - Dogs Breeds

About Cardigan Welsh Corgi DogsCardigan Welsh Corgi

About Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dogs

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi, often referred to simply as the Cardigan Corgi, is a small breed with a big heart. Originating from Wales, these charming dogs have captured the affection of many with their distinctive appearance and delightful personality.

Distinctive Features

One of the most recognizable features of the Cardigan Corgi is its long, bushy tail, which sets it apart from its cousin, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. They have a sturdy build with short legs, a foxy face, and expressive eyes that convey intelligence and curiosity.

Intelligent and Alert

Cardigan Corgis are known for their keen intelligence and alertness. They are quick ...

Cardigan Welsh Corgi  - Dogs Breeds

About Carnico Scenthound DogsCarnico Scenthound

Carnico Scenthounds  have ancient origin and were very common on the mountains and hills of Friuli since 1970s, particularly in Carnia, Italy. Unfortunately only around 50 are still living.

Content and Photo Source:

Carnico Scenthound  - Dogs Breeds

About Carpathian Shepherd DogsCarpathian Shepherd

About Carpathian Shepherd Dogs

Carpathian Shepherd Dogs, also known as Ciobanesc Romanesc Carpatin, hail from the rugged slopes of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, a land steeped in history and tradition. These noble creatures have long served as stalwart guardians and skilled herders, their presence an enduring testament to the ancient bond between man and canine.

Cloaked in a mantle of dense fur, their forms are sturdy and robust, bearing the marks of toil in the mountainous terrain. Black as the midnight shadows, with tawny accents that echo the wild spirit of the wilderness, they possess an uncanny resemblance to the very wolves that roam the same hills.

Intelligence gleams in ...

Carpathian Shepherd  - Dogs Breeds

About Catalan Sheepdogs DogsCatalan Sheepdogs

About Catalan Sheepdogs

In the sun-drenched hills of Catalonia, Spain, where vineyards roll and the scent of wild herbs perfumes the air, one finds the steadfast companion known as the Catalan Sheepdog. With a coat kissed by the golden rays of the Mediterranean sun, these canines embody the spirit of the rugged countryside they call home.

Agile and alert, their eyes mirror the intelligence that has guided them through centuries of herding and guarding flocks with unwavering dedication. Their tails, like plumes of smoke, dance with every step, a testament to their boundless energy and zest for life.

To those they call family, Catalan Sheepdogs offer a love that knows no bounds. Their h ...

Catalan Sheepdogs  - Dogs Breeds

About Caucasian Shepherd DogsCaucasian Shepherd

About Caucasian Shepherds

From the rugged peaks of the Caucasus Mountains emerges a breed as ancient as the land itself—the formidable Caucasian Shepherd. These majestic guardians have stood watch over flocks and homesteads for countless generations, their imposing stature a testament to their unwavering dedication.

Cloaked in a dense double coat, ranging from the purest white to a palette of earthy hues, they are a living tapestry of the highlands they call home. Their broad heads and powerful jaws exude an air of quiet confidence, while their dark, intelligent eyes betray a watchful nature.

Beneath their imposing exterior lies a heart loyal to those they protect. They form deep bond ...

Caucasian Shepherd  - Dogs Breeds

About Cavalier King Charles Spaniel DogsCavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Regal History of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a breed steeped in aristocratic history, traces its lineage back to the courts of British royalty. These diminutive companions were beloved by monarchs and aristocrats for centuries, finding favor in the laps of kings and queens alike.

With their expressive, soulful eyes and distinctive feathered coats, Cavaliers were not only treasured for their companionship but also admired for their elegant appearance. The breed''s name pays homage to King Charles II, an avid enthusiast of these charming dogs who himself was seldom seen without them.

In art and literature, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel becam ...

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  - Dogs Breeds

About Central Asian Shepherd DogsCentral Asian Shepherd

The Majestic Central Asian Shepherd

The Central Asian Shepherd, also known as the Central Asian Ovcharka, is a breed of extraordinary heritage and capabilities. Originating in the vast, rugged landscapes of Central Asia, these dogs were indispensable to nomadic tribes and farmers for centuries.

Renowned for their imposing size, strength, and unwavering loyalty, Central Asian Shepherds were entrusted with the vital task of guarding livestock from predators and ensuring the safety of their human companions. Their keen senses and formidable presence made them formidable protectors in the harshest of environments.

This breed''s history is intertwined with the nomadic cultures of the regio ...

Central Asian Shepherd  - Dogs Breeds

About Cesky Terrier DogsCesky Terrier

The Endearing Cesky Terrier

The Cesky Terrier, a breed known for its charming demeanor and distinctive appearance, hails from the Czech Republic. With its soft, silky coat and perky ears, it captures the hearts of dog enthusiasts worldwide.

Developed by František Horák in the mid-20th century, the Cesky Terrier is a cross between the Scottish Terrier and the Sealyham Terrier. This deliberate blend resulted in a dog that excels in both hunting and companionship.

Despite its small stature, the Cesky Terrier is a sturdy and agile breed. Its inquisitive nature and intelligence make it a quick learner, always eager to engage with its family. Known for its affectionate disposition, this bre ...

Cesky Terrier  - Dogs Breeds

About Chesapeake Bay Retriever DogsChesapeake Bay Retriever

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever: A Waterfowl Hunter''s Best Friend

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever, often referred to as the "Chessie," is a versatile and hardworking breed originating from the United States. Specifically bred for retrieving waterfowl in the icy waters of the Chesapeake Bay, this dog is a true outdoorsman''s companion.

With a dense, waterproof coat and powerful build, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is well-suited for its aquatic tasks. Its webbed feet and excellent swimming ability make it a standout performer in the water, while its keen intelligence and strong work ethic impress hunters and dog enthusiasts alike.

Known for its loyalty and protective nature, the Chessie form ...

Chesapeake Bay Retriever  - Dogs Breeds

About Chien Français Blanc et Noir DogsChien Français Blanc et Noir

The Chien Français Blanc et Noir: A Stalwart Hunter

The Chien Français Blanc et Noir, translated as the French White and Black Hound, is a breed deeply rooted in France''s rich hunting heritage. Known for its striking black and white coat, this hound is a skilled and dedicated hunter with a keen sense of scent.

Standing tall and elegant, the Chien Français Blanc et Noir possesses a well-muscled physique, built for endurance and agility. Its keen sense of smell and unwavering determination make it an exceptional tracking companion for hunters pursuing game in a variety of terrains.

While primarily a working dog, the Chien Français Blanc et Noir also forms strong bonds with its human fa ...

Chien Français Blanc et Noir  - Dogs Breeds

About Chien Français Blanc et Orange DogsChien Français Blanc et Orange

The Chien Français Blanc et Orange: A French Icon of the Hunt

The Chien Français Blanc et Orange, or the French White and Orange Hound, is a distinguished breed deeply intertwined with France''s rich hunting heritage. With its elegant white coat adorned with distinctive orange markings, this hound is not only a striking sight but also a formidable hunter.

Possessing a graceful yet muscular build, the Chien Français Blanc et Orange is well-equipped for endurance and agility in the pursuit of game. Its exceptional olfactory senses and unwavering determination make it an invaluable asset for hunters navigating diverse terrains.

Beyond its hunting prowess, this breed is known for its amia ...

Chien Français Blanc et Orange  - Dogs Breeds

About Chien Français Tricolore DogsChien Français Tricolore

The Chien Français Tricolore: A Triumph of French Canine Heritage

The Chien Français Tricolore, or the French Tricolor Hound, stands as a testament to France''s rich hunting legacy. Distinguished by its striking tricolor coat of black, white, and tan, this breed embodies both elegance and purpose in the field.

Possessing a well-proportioned and athletic frame, the Chien Français Tricolore is a versatile hunter, adept at tracking game across varied terrains. Its acute sense of smell, coupled with a keen intellect, makes it an invaluable companion for hunters seeking excellence in their pursuits.

Beyond its hunting prowess, this breed exhibits a friendly and sociable disposition, formin ...

Chien Français Tricolore  - Dogs Breeds

About Chilean Fox Terrier DogsChilean Fox Terrier

Chilean Fox Terrier: A Spirited Companion from South America

The Chilean Fox Terrier is a lively and intelligent breed that hails from the beautiful landscapes of Chile. Known for its spirited nature and keen hunting instincts, this terrier has become a cherished companion for dog enthusiasts worldwide.

With its compact yet sturdy build, the Chilean Fox Terrier exudes confidence and agility. Its short, dense coat provides protection against the elements, and its expressive eyes reflect its alert and inquisitive nature.

This breed thrives on mental and physical stimulation, making it an ideal choice for active families or individuals seeking a dynamic canine companion. Obedient and qui ...

Chilean Fox Terrier  - Dogs Breeds

About Chinese Chongqing DogsChinese Chongqing

Chinese Chongqing: A Spirited and Loyal Companion

The Chinese Chongqing, also known as the Chongqing Dog, is a spirited and loyal breed originating from the Chongqing region of China. This small to medium-sized dog is known for its alertness, courage, and strong bond with its human family.

With its distinctive wrinkled face and expressive eyes, the Chinese Chongqing possesses a unique charm that captivates dog enthusiasts worldwide. Its short, smooth coat is easy to maintain, requiring minimal grooming to keep it looking its best.

This breed is characterized by its confidence and intelligence. Quick to learn and eager to please, the Chinese Chongqing excels in training sessions, makin ...

Chinese Chongqing  - Dogs Breeds

About Chinook DogsChinook

Chinook  - Dogs Breeds

About Chow Chow DogsChow Chow

Chow Chow: A Regal and Independent Breed

The Chow Chow, often referred to simply as the Chow, is a distinctive breed known for its regal appearance and independent nature. Originating from China, it is one of the oldest recognized dog breeds in the world.

The Chow Chow is easily recognized by its lion-like mane, sturdy build, and unique blue-black tongue. Its dense double coat can be smooth or rough, providing protection in various climates. While its aloof demeanor may give the impression of standoffishness, the Chow is deeply loyal and protective of its family.

This breed possesses an air of dignity and self-assuredness. While not overtly demonstrative, the Chow forms strong bonds w ...

Chow Chow  - Dogs Breeds

About Cierny Sery DogsCierny Sery

Cierny Sery: Slovakias Hidden Gem

The Cierny Sery, also known as the Slovak Chuvach, is a remarkable breed with roots deeply embedded in the history of Slovakia. This majestic breed has been a steadfast companion to Slovak shepherds for centuries, guarding flocks in the rugged Carpathian Mountains.

Cierny Sery dogs are known for their striking black or dark gray coats, which provide excellent camouflage in their mountainous homeland. Their dense fur protects them from the harsh elements, allowing them to perform their duties in even the most challenging weather conditions.

Beyond their impressive appearance, Cierny Sery dogs are celebrated for their intelligence, loyalty, and unwaveri ...

Cierny Sery  - Dogs Breeds

About Cimarrón Uruguayo DogsCimarrón Uruguayo

Cimarrón Uruguayo: Guardian of the Uruguayan Wilderness

The Cimarrón Uruguayo, native to Uruguay, is a breed deeply intertwined with the country''s history and rugged landscape. Descended from European hunting and herding dogs, these sturdy canines adapted to the challenging terrain of Uruguay, becoming invaluable companions to early settlers and later generations alike.

Known for their robust build and distinctive brindle coat, Cimarrón Uruguayos possess a striking appearance that reflects their strength and tenacity. Their agile and muscular bodies are well-suited to the demands of their original roles as hunters and protectors of livestock.

Beyond their physical prowess, Cimarrón U ...

Cimarrón Uruguayo  - Dogs Breeds

About Cirneco dell Etna DogsCirneco dell Etna

Cirneco dell Etna: Elegance from Sicily s Volcanic Slopes

The Cirneco dell Etna, a breed hailing from the rugged slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy, is a testament to the endurance and adaptability of canine companions. With origins dating back thousands of years, this breed has earned its place as a cherished hunting and companion dog in the Mediterranean.

Graceful and slender, the Cirneco dell Etna possesses a unique elegance that sets it apart. Its sleek coat, ranging from rich chestnut to pale fawn, highlights the breed''s refined features. With a keen, expressive gaze and upright, attentive ears, these dogs exude an air of intelligence and alertness.

While their appearance is ...

Cirneco dell Etna  - Dogs Breeds

About Cravin Scenthound DogsCravin Scenthound

Cravin Scenthounds originated from Piedmont and are a variety of the small Italian hare dog. They probably are the result of crossbreeding of Italian scenthounds, among which the “Ciaplin”, a very expert small tawny short-haired scenthound with white paws and tail end. In the past these dogs were reared by farm hunters on the Piedmont hills; together with golden or white-orange rough- haired scenthounds from Savoy, probably the Vandean “briquet”, largely present in the Piedmont Alps.

Over time, and with many crossbreeding, the Cravin Scenthounds have greatly changed and how they are used.

Cravin Scenthounds are medium small sized dogs of a robust aspect emphasized by a thick coat, but a slender built with go ...

Cravin Scenthound  - Dogs Breeds

About Cretan Hound DogsCretan Hound

Cretan Hound: The Agile Hunter of Crete

The Cretan Hound, also known as the Kritikos Ichnilatis, is a breed renowned for its exceptional hunting abilities and unwavering loyalty. Originating from the island of Crete in Greece, this breed has been a cherished companion of hunters for centuries.

With a lean, muscular build and a sleek coat, the Cretan Hound is well-suited for the demanding terrain of Crete. Their coat, typically short and dense, can range in color from brindle to various shades of fawn. Their sharp, intelligent eyes and expressive face reflect their keen hunting instincts.

Renowned for their agility and speed, Cretan Hounds are masters of the chase. Whether pursuing gam ...

Cretan Hound  - Dogs Breeds

About Croatian Sheepdog DogsCroatian Sheepdog

Croatian Sheepdog: A Loyal Working Partner

The Croatian Sheepdog, known as Hrvatski Ovcar in its native Croatia, is a versatile and intelligent breed renowned for its herding abilities. With a distinctive medium-length coat and expressive eyes, these dogs exude an air of alertness and capability.

Originating from the rural regions of Croatia, these dogs have a rich history as indispensable working companions to shepherds and farmers. Their agility, keen instincts, and innate herding skills make them well-suited for guiding and protecting flocks in the challenging terrain of Croatia.

The Croatian Sheepdog is characterized by its boundless energy and strong work ethic. They thrive on me ...

Croatian Sheepdog  - Dogs Breeds

About Curly Coated Retriever DogsCurly Coated Retriever

Curly Coated Retrievers: Elegance in Curls

The Curly Coated Retriever is a breed known for its distinctive curly coat, which sets it apart from other retriever breeds. These dogs are not only striking in appearance but also possess a wonderful set of characteristics that make them excellent companions.


Standing tall and proud, Curly Coated Retrievers have a well-muscled body covered in tight, water-resistant curls. Their head is noble, with expressive eyes that radiate intelligence and kindness. They exude an air of elegance and athleticism.


Beneath their regal exterior, Curly Coated Retrievers have hearts full of warmth and affection. They are known for their frien ...

Curly Coated Retriever  - Dogs Breeds

About Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs DogsCzechoslovakian Wolfdogs

About Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, also known as the Czechoslovakian Vlcak, is a striking and intelligent breed that was originally developed for specific working purposes. It is a relatively new breed, created in the 1950s by crossing German Shepherds with Carpathian Wolves.

These dogs are known for their wolf-like appearance, with a strong, muscular build, erect ears, and a thick double coat that comes in various shades of grey, silver, and sable. Their eyes are almond-shaped and amber in color, giving them an intense and intelligent expression.

As a breed, Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs are highly active and energetic. They thrive on physical activity and mental stimulation, making th ...

Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs  - Dogs Breeds


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